Our Innovation Commitment

We provide pragmatic solutions for the needs of the client.

All our solutions provide sustainable, effective solutions to ensure your project delivers on its objectives.

We plan, coordinate and provide management for a turnkey solution to sophisticated projects.


Technology Projects

Many of our solutions involve technological breakthroughs, whether your solution requires print, manufacturing, 3D printing, AR and Automation, or anything that's not just 'out of the box' we've got this covered...

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We provide logistics, but with a difference. There are many companies can handle, pack and deliver, we do this differently. Our technology and processes allow us to be the best in delivering logistical components for your project.

Whatever your next project involves, feel the difference with Innovinity...


And you thought that was it?

Remember... Infinity is in our name, and its in our blood... we provide infiniate solutions for our clients...


We've got loads, we are part of a group that has over 28 years of experience delivering critical projects worldwide for the best and well known brands.

We love to talk

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We LOVE science

Whether its a chemical compound, a toxicity test or just applying our brains on your solve... we do that with LOVE!

We're flying...

Our innovation projects are growing and growing, and they aren't going to stop. Reach new heights with Innovinity.

Documents, they are boring right?

Not to us! We document, record, track, trace and provide the finest details in our discovery, so the hardwork is done (and it's documented!) ACE!


We thought you might want to know that we lead the way with security! You're in safe hands!

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